Compass Drafting is seeking to establish a new way of looking at shop drawings and the way they are priced. While most drafting service companies charge a set hourly rate, regardless of what is being drawn, we use tiered pricing when estimating the cost of shop drawings.


Tiered pricing means that we look at the materials and quantity of each particular product on the job and price based on the complexity of those factors so that you pay a fairer price for the end product.


We want to be your Small Project shop drawing specialist. While perfectly capable of drawing more complex projects, we believe that there is a greater need for this particular service. We would appreciate the opportunity to bid your next small project and show you the advantages of Compass Drafting.


Shop Drawings will consist of; Key Plans, Elevations, Section Details and Plan Details each drawn to scale. In addition we will provide a Lead Sheet with the general notes that you require as well as hardware information as needed. On any frames requiring mid-span anchors we will provide Wall Section drawings as well.


Additional Services: In addition to shop drawings we can do metal and glass take-offs as well as break metal and anchor fabrication drawings. Should Engineered Calculations be required we can provide that through associates or direct you to qualified engineers.